The Poor Heiresss a soap opera aired in Philippines by TV5 and starred by Susan Roces along with Alice Dixson and Alex Gonzaga and is directed byEric Quizon and Joyce Bernal.


It tells the story of two clans the Wong and the See. A Modern day Fairytale set on the boundaries between the Filipino and Chinese community

Three Generations of Women tell a story and cope in the inner strength in the eyes of their faiths looking for Love, Respect, Power, and self happiness.

The story also chronicles on lost loves between Helena Sy (Susan Roces) and George Wong (Freddie Webb) and the powerful manipulative Edward Wong (Eddie Garcia) The soap also shows flashbacks of Young Helena See (Sheryl Cruz) with the Wong brothers. Young George Wong (Mico Palanca) and Young Edward Wong (Bernard Palanca).

The Powerful Love between Anastacia See/Diana Wong (Alice Dixson) and Charles Wong (Jay Manalo) and the Vindictive Katarina Mansasala/Wong,(Bing Loyzaga) Charles Manipulative wife turned ex in his perspective and Harry Bautista (Wendell Ramos) the newfound love in Anastacia/Diana’s life.

And the eternal love between Grace/Elizabeth (Alex Gonzaga) whose life eternally unfolds in her fate, as she will first time learn betrayal and love between Nato (Alwyn Uytingco) and Andrew (Mart Escudero).

But between all their trials and tribulations they will face, who will they truly love and be with in the End of all their success?


Main Cast

  • Susan Roces as Helena See/ Helena See Wong
  • Alice Dixson as Diana Wong/Anastacia See
  • Alex Gonzaga as Grace Mallari/Elizabeth Wong/Grace Elizabeth Wong/ Grace Elizabeth Wong See

Supporting Cast

Extended cast

Special Participation

Wong Family

  • Grace Mallari/Elizabeth Wong/Grace Elizabeth Wong
  • George Wong
  • Edward Wong
  • Charles Wong
  • Katarina Wong / Katarina Manansala
  • Stephanie / Elizabeth Wong(Fake)
  • William Wong
  • Margaret Wong
  • Elizabeth Wong (George Wong’s First Wife)

See Family

  • Helena See
  • Diana Wong/Anastacia See
  • Andrew See123


The following song is the main song in the series:

  • Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin– The Poor Heiress official theme, performed by Faith Cuneta.
  • Dubbed to be the best series ever that TV5 produced.
  • This Series is shot at the Hwa Chong Temple in Malabon Philippines.

Critical Reception

  • The series had a critical response of becoming a new landmark to Primetime TV Series
  • It received a extension till July 11 due to its well received ratings and reviews
  • Veteran Actors Susan Roces and Eddie Garcias first Primetime Soap Series together both actors were previously seen in a MMK episode back in 2008
  • Alice Dixson was given praise for her role in the Drama Series as Heroine/Antagonist

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